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The following is a list of episodes in the third season of Zoey Zoey then joins their game. They make it very clear that they don’t want him there and he eventually gets the point and leaves. They met in Rumor of Love and were a couple while Chase was in England. In Chasing Zoey, they decided to remain friends after they broke up. With the aid of the nerds, Lola and Vince make it to the prom before it finishes.

The Cast of ‘Zoey 101’ Just Reunited and It Looks Like We Actually Might Be Getting a Reboot

The following is a list of quotes from the fourth season Zoey It was aired between January 27 to May 2, Quinn : OKAY! Chase : Zoey transfered back to PCA?! Zoey :: Chase moved to England?! Zoey left England.

Erin Sanders on “Zoey ” Nickelodeon. At the start of the series, Quinn and Logan despised each other. Later, they secretly began dating.

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Zoey 101 Reasons it Rules

HE knew And he could be in the dorm by himself. As soon as the were a considerably far enough distance from Zoey and Lola, Quinn and Logan started to talk. His and Quinn’s plan had worked.

Hearing how Chase feels about her, Zoey Stacey Logan ‘s date, as selected by Quinn to keep their relationship a secret.

See our picks list. Title: Quinn’s Date 06 Mar Quinn develops a crush on a boy named Mark, but when Zoey finds out that Mark’s not interested, she takes it upon herself to organize a fake “date” between the two. Looking for some great streaming picks? Check out some of the IMDb editors’ favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

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Coco gets the axe and a new dorm advisor moves in. View in iTunes. Zoey shows back up at PCA with huge news! The gang has news too, but none of them want to tell her.

Matthew played the role of heartthrob Logan Reese on Zoey and is played the role of Quinn Pensky on Zoey and is currently dating.

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Quinn Misses the Mark

Subscriber Account active since. Nickelodeon’s “Zoey ” premiered in January and ended in May after four seasons. Nowadays, some of the cast members continue to act, but others have left the entertainment industry behind for the most part. Four years later, the main cast members sans Spears, who was filming a show at the time met up and shared plenty of photos and videos on social media.

to Zoey? Meanwhile, Quinn helps Logan with his basketball skills. English. Zoey’s date plans are put on hold when Quinn unleashes a germ in their room.

Anybody who grew up in the 90s will remember Jamie Lynn Spears from when she starred in popular teen show, Zoey And guess what? She’s now reunited with all her former cast mates – but unfortunately not for a fully blown revival just yet. Instead of making a reboot of Zoey , Britney ‘s sister and her fellow Nickelodeon stars will be working together on a different project, starring in a brand new episode of kids comedy show, All That.

Jamie, 28, also starred in the original All That from , and will be returning to screens as Thema Stump, an year-old security guard with an obsession with bacon. The new sketch will be a crossover of All That and Zoey , and will show Thelma Stump attempt to prohibit the stars of both shows from entering the film set. Fans of a Zoey revival have been swirling for months, and not long after the All That reboot emerged, Jamie shared a picture from behind the scenes of the upcoming special on her Instagram page, writing: “Surprise!!

All That Plus, she added to E! I’m so excited to be able to reunite the cast and be able to recreate so many amazing memories, but I’m most excited about what’s to come in the future. It wasn’t just her teasing us online, as Paul Butcher – who played Zoey’s younger brother Dustin – shared the same image, and wrote: “The cast of Zoey is returning to Nickelodeon officially!! Joanna is a journalist at Tyla with a particular interest in highlighting women’s issues and telling inspiring first person stories.

She’s also their resident foodie, and loves covering exciting new beauty launches, too.

Quinn-Logan Relationship

The two are shown to have a complex relationship throughout the show until Season 4 where they secretly start a romantic relationship. This happens after Quinn and Mark break up. Quinn and Logan have disliked each other for the majority of their time at PCA.

His and Quinn’s plan had worked. Zoey logan going to get quinn-mark and out in his dorm. Without anyone thinking they’re dating. What did you think? This is.

Zoey Brooks is one of the many girls coming to PCA for the first time. When she gets there, she meets friends, and she makes an enemy in Logan, a stereotype who thinks girls can’t beat boys in basketball. Zoey takes it as a challenge, going against the boys in an all-out brawl. Zoey’s roommates, Nicole and Dana, constantly fight. So then, she decides to move in with the girl named, Quinn. After Zoey moves in, she thinks that it wasn’t a good idea that she moved.

So then, she wants to move back in with Nicole and Dana. But when she sees that Nicole and Dana are enjoying themselves after Zoey moves, she decides just to stay with Quinn, since she doesn’t want to hurt her feelings. Meanwhile, Logan is pressuring Chase into keeping Zoey away from her roommates so Chase can spend more time with her. Logan brings a present for the girls, a bear for the girls’ lounge.

Then people find out their secrets i. Quinn eats baby food and the girls start to blame each other for telling their secrets.

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With 12 unforgettable episodes, including special recurring cast member appearances, and the exciting conclusion of what becomes of Zoey Brooks and Chase Matthews, this 3-disc set of Season 4 perfectly completes your Zoey collection! When sold by Amazon. Skip to main content. Arrives: 25 – 29 Sep Fastest delivery: 11 – 15 Sep.

Underwood starred as PCA’s resident cute jerk, Logan, but aside from participating After portraying quirky Quinn on Zoey , Sanders had a.

I hope that most of you grew up with the show or at least have seen reruns. I may or may not have watched some this weekend. And by that I mean I definitely did. For those of you reside under rocks, basically the show is about the life of Zoey Brooks and her friends go about their life at Pacific Coast Academy PCA. Okay, Pacific Coast Academy is basically the coolest place ever. The campus is breathtakingly beautiful some of it was actually shot on the campus of Pepperdine University in Malibu, California.

Their dorm rooms are spectacular like they would probably give the PSU dorms an inferiority complex. They also basically have the best places to eat.

Why must I always have that one otp that either nobody really ships or isn’t popular?

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Yes, we have” “But-but, Logan, you don’t Date! I haven’t gone out with any other girls since then. He asked me what my problem was, and I explained that Mark.

The Nickelodeon comedy-drama series, Zoey originally aired from January 9, to May 2, A total of 61 episodes were aired, spanning four seasons. When Quinn accidentally spills her own germ in their dorm room, the girls along with Logan, Chase, and Michael are Quarantined in their room until it is proved to be safe. However, they begin to drive each other crazy; Michael is VERY hungry, Lola keeps screaming because she is auditioning for a play, Logan is obsessed with looking at himself in the mirror, Chase begins to feel ill, Quinn is worried that Mark may be cheating on her, and Zoey has to miss a date with an extremely cute guy named Danny.

Zoey’s parents come for an unexpected visit to PCA and tell Zoey and Dustin that they are moving to England because Zoey’s dad’s business is starting a new branch in London. When offered to accompany the parents to London, Dustin quickly declines the offer because he is seeing someone, but Zoey decides to think about it first. Although Zoey treasures Chase’s opinion, Chase had heard the rumor before Zoey gets a chance to tell him about the news.

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Zoey 101 S04E06 Quinn Misses The Mark

Zoey and Chase were feeding each other grapes, ignoring the whole thing. She then looked over to Zoey on couch and said, “Zoey, do I have a thing for Logan? When Zoey, Lola and Chase see that Logan is in desperate need of help, Zoey does Logan’s laundry, Lola helps him with his hair, Chase types out his report, and they all try to teach Logan how to fend for himself with no money, But realize he got his money back and Zoey, Lola, And Chase are still helping him.

Lola let him.

At the prom, they find themselves miserable with their dates. List of Zoey characters. Their relationship is finally revealed when Stacey misses to kiss Logan.

But Chase’s episodes of control go-kart crashes into Lisa’s table and Michael pushes her out of the way to save her and she kisses him and they start going out. After seeing Zoey stop a fight, the wrestling coach wants Zoey to join the reese team. Then called on, she finds out called she will be wrestling in the tournament. However, all the boys Zoey is put against forfeit because they don’t want to wrestle a girl. As she is about the face the undefeated champion, Chuck Javers, Zoey finds out that was the coach’s plan, and was the whole kiss reese put her on the team.

Meanwhile, wants to be a reporter, where joins Jeremiah Trottman during relationship tournament.

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