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Take time to listen. Tips, advice and counseling on health, weight loss, diet, diabetes, alzheimers, home improvement, job search, job interviewing, money, credit, relationships, marriage. There is a reason we can’t stop posting mundane topics on Facebook Sharing our ideas and experiences with others through social media activates the brain’s reward center. It makes us as happy as if we were handed a stack of cash. Couples who spend just 2 hours a week together, doing something new and exciting, have greater relationship satisfaction. That’s because novelty – or doing new things – triggers the dopamine system in the brain which enhances feelings of romantic love. The easiest way to improve your relationship is to hold hands! Research shows that when couples hold hands more often, they experience a decrease in their stress hormones and blood pressure – and an increase in the hormones that combat stress. Figure out how a man feels about you and what his intentions are by looking at the type of date he plans for the two of you.

Tesh Media’s Scotty Meyers Offers ‘Pro-Tips For Online Dating’

Feeling ticked off? Here are three surprising causes for your irritation, along with simple tricks to help you feel better. Psychologists at Harvard recently conducted a study where they called volunteers at random times of the day. It turns out, volunteers generally reported more happiness if they were focused on one activity — no matter what it was. However, if volunteers were unfocused — because they were jugging a bunch of errands, for example — they tended to feel less happy.

In other words: An unfocused mind is an unhappy mind.

Toy-Time Fun, Phil Loves His Gun, Dating Tips by the Ton Does this mean if we listen to one or two John Tesh CDs, we’ll never be sick again.

My Playlists My Videos. Home Experts Family Banter. Whatever it is, we’ll tell you why it’s in your best interest not to change it. Take a listen and find out why it’s the best way to jumpstart your day! Female Body Language Mistakes Studies say women have weaker body language in the workplace. Find out which body language trends you should try to avoid. Watch these three tips to strengthen your bond and love for each other.

Eat Slowly To Lose Weight Dietician recommends taking a full minute between bites — but does anyone have time to eat that way? Teach Children Money Habits Early Find out how early kids can start understanding the value of money, and how to help them develop good money habits. Don’t Get In The Car After A Fight A traffic expert explains what goes on in your brain when you drive off in your car after fighting with a loved one at home. Does driving calm you down?

Or are you more aggressive on the road?

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Looking for true love? This is the best excuse to eat pizza. Research shows liking the same pizza toppings is a sign of romantic compatibility.

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Your go-to lifestyle magazine with the best advice on proper hair, nails, skincare routines, beauty tips, life hacks, and much more. A study from the University of Texas found that when couples wrote about their relationship for 20 minutes a day, three days a week, they were more likely to be going strong three years later. They also sent more positive instant messages. So, the next time you think fondly about your partner, write it down.

Even better – share what you wrote with them. Celebrity News Entertainment Gossip. Did you know you’ll recover faster from a strenuous workout if you sip green tea instead of a sports drink?

John Tesh confirms Oprah romance in 1970s

Sorry about that, no articles matching ‘ ‘ were found. Computer dating started 40 years ago as a simple compatibility questionnaire. It was designed by two Harvard undergrads who wanted to meet girls at Radcliff. Today, online dating is the third-most-common way couples meet. And 1-in-3 singles belong to an online dating service. Want to make it work for you?

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‘Entertainment Tonight’ hits historic 10,000-episode mark

Our Hosts. Your favorite Connie, John and Gib videos! We rounded up the best advice from the experts about online dating on everything from how to get. So, here are tips for online daters — men AND women:.

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Spike Lee, filmmaker, on CompuServe. Meet the controversial writer, director and producer as he chats about his latest New York movie, “Clockers. Go: Convention. Rosie O’Donnell, actress, on America Online. Meet the crazy Noo Yawker as she chats about her stage and screen life. Location: Oldsmobile. Keyword: Bowl. John Tesh, “Entertainment Tonight” host, on Prodigy.

Join the tabloid anchor as he talks about his TV and singing careers. Location: Prodigy Chat.

Looking For True Love? John Tesh Has The Cheesy Intel!

Garden City native John Tesh , the musician and former “Entertainment Tonight” anchor, has confirmed a more extensive youthful romance with media mogul Oprah Winfrey than either have ever let on. After excerpts from Kitty Kelley ‘s book “Oprah: A Biography” were published in the New York Daily News saying Tesh, 57, and Winfrey, 56, had lived together in Nashville when the two were starting their careers in , Tesh told his old show, “Oprah and I were cub reporters in Nashville nearly 40 years ago and we dated for a short time.

We even talked about it during one of my appearances on her show. We remain friends to this day. What they talked about on Winfrey’s 10th-anniversary show in was actually much less than Tesh remembers: Winfrey at that time claimed the two had simply had a single “platonic dinner date,” according to the paper. But Tesh succumbed to the pressure of being an interracial couple in Tennessee at that time.

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