A zootopia love story

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Home Community Misc Misc. Focus: Misc Misc. Tv Shows, Since: Founder: hp-ewrgdr – Stories: 32 – Followers: 24 – id: Some unexpected situations happen, which led to some new discoveries. What will happen between Macy and Nick? Why Don’t We Just Dance? It never takes too long.

Fic: “Tangled Up In You” (Nick/Macy)

Nick couldn’t believe it. His girlfriend, Macy Misa, was a vision of beauty. Her hair was down to her shoulders, her eyes looked even prettier than usual, and her lips were even…softer, he guessed. Macy smiled knowingly and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Nick asked, jumping over the last few steps to stare at where Macy and the room and trying to locate the Lucas brother that she was dating.

Just a round up post of all my fandoms and ships as they currently stand. Current Mood: accomplished. Flat Top-Level Comments Only. Link Reply Thread Hide 3 comments Show 3 comments. Definitely one of the best things that’s been on TV in the last decade :D. Link Reply Thread from start Parent. I love her more and more at every episode :D.

*~Nick and Macy fanfic~* *JONAS*

Linda McCartney wasn’t ready for this. She was ready for many different things. She was ready to leave the Wings with Paul even though he’d never agree and she knows it and raise the girls quietly, traveling now and then for her photography business. She was ready to perform every night, she was ready to live on the road if Paul wanted but she wasn’t ready to see the young Paul McCartney, aged 20 or 21, lying next to her as she had woken up.

Seriously, the dating life of ’00s Disney Channel teens was more complex and way You Need To See Nick Jonas And Demi Lovato On Carpool Karaoke And these She/her I have a complete Table of Contents of all of my fanfiction work. Nick and Macy Series Da Disney, Disney Shows, Old Disney Channel, Tv Show.

He stared down into his mug, half empty he remembered her always telling him that it was never half empty and that it was, in fact, half full; she’d always been the more optimistic one , as everyone around them chattered away, sipping their coffees and exchanging happy stories, or business plans, or evening plans; whatever, he didn’t care. All he cared about was the girl across from him, mirroring his exact position: eye downcast, slightly slouched forward with an unreadable expression on her face.

Neither of them could bring themselves to talk. He remembered it vividly, the day things had changed between them. It wasn’t anything epic; there were no declarations of love, no passionate kisses… just him, sitting in the tour bus a week in, his brothers playing video games while he sat there, staring out of the window while rapidly passing over miles of pavement.

He loved touring, he really did, but this time around, it felt… off. The year before, he had been over the moon being on the road. He didn’t get it. The band and the same roadies were in the other bus, hell, even their tour bus driver was the same guy from last year.

{;;Live to Party;;}

Maybe Its A Love Story? Chapter 1 by GuitarfreakHave you ever walked into a room and had the feeling that every set of eyes were focused on you? I mean, everyone has and yet they’re extremely shocked when it happens to them. I wish I could say no but sometimes it just happens.

Characters/Pairings: Kevin&Macy, Joe, Nick, Stella, & Sandy Lucas Pure Horace Mantis is a community of fanfiction authors and readers. self-​explanitory; Kevin and Macy are talking, Anya comes to town, Kevin and Anya start to date.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sort: Category. Nick and Macy are seniors at Horace Mantis Academy. They want everything to be perfect before they graduate but will things start to get complicated when a beautiful stranger and a former flame come into the picture? Daydream Believer by Penelope36 reviews Macy is his biggest fan. Nick never thought twice about her.

But what happens when Nick gets his heartbroken? Will she be the one he turns to?

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And besides, I used to date one of your brothers. If we dated – not that we’re going to because we’re not – wouldn’t that be against some.

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Macy-Nick Relationship

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Writer: Macy { joick_mclennon} The First book: Switched with an angel – Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas have been brothers since well, since Nick was born, back.

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Maybe Its a Love Story (Nick Jonas Fanfic)

She was looking through her binder for her history homework when it caught her eye. She was tempted to read it, before remembering her pending history homework, so flashing an apologetic glance at her teacher, she carried on looking for it. Slightly surprised at the lack of detention, she ran out of the classroom before her teacher had the chance to change her mind.

“Oh, hi Nick of JONAS!:D” NickMacy. Misc. Tv Shows – Rated: K+ – English – Humor/Romance – Chapters: 1 – Words: – Reviews: 43 – Favs: 63 – Follows:

While we’ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Sin embargo, su padre, considera que en entrenamiento militar es importante para Shawn y lo enlista, y cambio el accede a comprarle un anillo para que Shawn pueda contraer matrimonio con su prometida.

Temiendo por su vida y muriendo de hambre decide seguir y hacer al pie de la letra lo que ellos le piden con tal de volver a casa. This is a loosely connecting one shot series staring Shawn Mendes. Basically Shawn is a dominant fuck machine who fucks his way through a series of celebrities. The Jonas family are trying to find there footing as the three oldest are trying to make there mark on the world with there music. Nicks starting to act out he moody drinking tone of water.

The Nick/Macy Master List of Fanfictions

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All the best Fanfictions about our favorite JONAS couple! No, not because she was dating Joe, Macy did in fact love Nick, but because her Lucas brother.

He had always trusted his younger brother to do the right thing and make the right choices. Sure, there had always been rumors, but it never crossed his mind that there would be truth to them. It never occurred to him that his brother was blatantly disregarding a pledge he had taken; a promise he had made. She could feel it forming now. Stella pulled her father into the firehouse, her grip not even budging an inch.

She wondered when Stella had gotten so strong. But, Stella did have to put up with three rowdy boys. The same boys that were descending the stairs right now. Macy continued to struggle. If his brothers realized what she was wearing it was going to be obvious. Maybe she was in denial. Quit struggling! Joe avoided his gaze, trying to focus on Macy and Stella in the center of the living room. Joe tore his gaze from Macy slowly, turning to look at the oldest of the three brothers.

Unfaithful: Chapter 3 (There is no epilogue)

User Name: Remember Me? Whether you like them as friends or something more romantic, you are welcome to come on in and post! Reasons to love Nick and Macy: Because they are adorable together! Because Macy always has his back. Because the two of them always save the day with their ideas.

Macy goes with Nick, Kevin and Joe Lucas with their band JONAS to San Francisco California for a concert. Some unexpected situations happen, which led to.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Home Community Misc Misc. Focus: Misc Misc. Tv Shows, Since: Founder: YourDreamer – Stories: – Followers: 0 – id: Kevin loves his skinnies. But sometimes, there can be a thing such as too much skinny jeans.

Nick and Macy dating in JONAS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!